There are many types of personal injuries (PI), including auto accidents, workplace accidents, product defects, and numerous more. Ensuring that you heal from the incident by seeking professional personal injury treatment is a very important action to take.

PI and Auto Accident Treatment in Seal Beach, California

Car accidents are one of the most common types of PI, and seeking treatment is critical to one’s well-being right after the accident as well as going forward. Conditions such as whiplash and back injuries are very common after the impact of an auto accident, especially rear end collisions.

Whiplash occurs due to the sudden propelling forward then backward of the body as it is protected by the seat belt during an auto collision. While seat belts save lives, this abrupt movement results in strain to the neck and back muscles, and can even knock the spine and musculoskeletal system out of alignment.

Common Signs of Whiplash

Some of the signs of a whiplash or a spinal alignment issue include neck pain, back and shoulder pain, headaches, migraines, fatigue, weakness or tingling in the limbs, or jaw pain. Sleep disturbances, dizziness, forgetfulness, and blurry vision also may result.

While many traditional treatments only mask or cover up the symptoms of auto accidents injuries, chiropractic care addresses the imbalance at the root. Ultimately, the only thorough, comprehensive and lasting treatment for rear end collision injuries is chiropractic therapy.

Our Seal Beach Chiropractor Can Help

Alignment, mobility, and proper functioning can be restored with chiropractic care, as well as improved range of motion. Without auto accident injury treatment from our Seal Beach chiropractor, proper alignment may never be fully achieved in the body. The result can be chronic pain and reduced mobility going forward. Our chiropractor may also recommend supportive treatments such as massage therapy, physical therapy, and corrective exercises.

Slips and Falls

Each season can bring hazards with it such as slippery roads from rain and ice, and an increased level of outdoor activity. Both of these situations can make slip and fall accidents more likely; however, slips and falls can happen any season as well as indoors and outdoors.

Even a minor slip and fall accident can do major damage to the alignment of the spine. Just as with whiplash, hidden damage to the muscles, tissues, and alignment of the musculoskeletal structure can cause long-term pain, weakness, and a reduction in mobility. Seal Beach chiropractic care for slips and falls is essential for addressing back, neck, and spinal issues so that they can be corrected at the source of the problem.

Personal injury treatment from a Seal Beach chiropractor in California is crucial to overcoming injuries that result from slips, falls, and whiplash. Contact Integrated Wellness Centers, your Seal Beach chiropractor, for help with all types of personal injury needs.