Auriculotherapy Can Bring Non-Invasive Healing to Your Entire Body

Seal Beach chiropractic clinic, Integrated Wellness Centers, offers non-invasive auriculotherapy, acupuncture, and acutherapy services to those in the Seal Beach, California, area. While many have probably heard of acupuncture or even acutherapy, not everyone may be familiar with auriculotherapy. However, auriculotherapy embodies elements of both acupuncture and acutherapy to bring an abundance of healing benefits to just about any issue.

Our Seal Beach chiropractor, Dr. Douglas Poff, is raising awareness about this potent healing modality so that more people can enjoy its benefits. He also offers a free consultation to those interested in learning more and getting started with auriculotherapy.

Auriculotherapy Overview

Auriculotherapy involves the stimulation of the auricle, or outer area of the ear, to relieve health issues around the body. It works on a similar basis to acupuncture, which uses the body’s meridian (energy pathway) system to remove blockages, foster healing conditions, and restore balance to the various organs and systems in the body.

Auriculotherapy originated in ancient Chinese medicine and acupuncture. More recently, a French neurologist named Dr. Paul Nogier developed a version of this practice that does not involve the use of needles. This form of auriculotherapy, called acutherapy, utilizes the same acupoints used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, but the auricular acupoints are instead stimulated through touch and vibration. There are around 200 of these points on each ear, and each point is related to an organ or system of the body.

How Does Auriculotherapy Work?

Auriculotherapy stimulates the body via spinal nerves and cranial nerves located on the external ear, also referred to as the auricle. Neurotransmitters in the brain and spinal cord are stimulated to modulate nerve functioning to ease pain and contribute to the healing process in the area, organ, or bodily system that needs help.

According to Chinese medicine, all of the organs and systems of the body are represented by the meridians, and there are points corresponding to each on the ears. In this way, the ears are a sort of “microcosm” of the body, representing it in a scaled-down way. Seal Beach auriculotherapy offers a direct connection to the body’s nervous system and cells and tissues of each component.

Non-Invasive Healing Benefits

Auriculotherapy is performed using a micro-current by our Seal Beach chiropractor. It is administered with a small hand-held wand with two functions: an ability to diagnose issues via detecting differences in skin conductivity on the ear in the areas of each acupoint, and then to treat it. This wand detects positive and negative polarity and can sense when there is a large difference; this indicates a blockage, and it can be treated immediately with very little sensation or discomfort.

Auriculotherapy can help a range of conditions, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal diseases, respiratory issues, cardiovascular problems and urinary tract issues. It can also help with overcoming addictions.

Seal Beach chiropractor, Dr. Douglas Poff, wants more people to experience the profound, non-invasive healing benefits of auriculotherapy. Integrated Wellness Centers serves Seal Beach, Long Beach, Los Alamitos, and Westminster communities in experiencing the benefits of this powerful treatment. Contact us today!