“Douglas Poff, D.C. ……A Chiropractor’s Chiropractor. Many of us graduated as a D.C., but that does not necessarily mean one has the magic hands. There are good Chiropactors and Great Chiropractors. Dr. Poff is one of only a very small handful of D.C.’s I will let touch me. Such great hands and a wonderful bedside manner. Sometimes the worst patient is a doctor. That would be me.WIth my neck in bad shape for a couple of months, I finally decided to see the man with the golden hands. No trauma, just age-related degeneration of my cervical spine. Two visits, and my range of motion and pain level has subsided considerably. Back for more visits as Dr. Poff has put me on the right track to recovery, and complete trust. From one D.C. to another, Dr Poff – you ARE a Chiropractor’s Chiropractor. Thanks for being there for me !”

Alan Barr, D.C.

“Regular chiropractic visits have reduced my level of pain, increased my range of motion and have undoubtedly extended the life of my career . . . Thanks.”

Greg J., D.D.S.

“Dr. Poff is amazing!! I have never had a more caring and thorough adjustment. I am confident to send my clients to him (and by the way, they rave about him) because I know they will be taken care of. I highly recommend him.”

MaryLou H.

“Dr. Poff has been treating me, my mom, dad and brother for over 15 years. The care and treatment given to us is well worth the 1 and 1/2 drive we take to see him. He is very helpful and caring. I have tried other chiropractors in my area, and no one compares to Dr. Poff and his staff.”

Holly H, Temecula

“I have HMO and most chiros don’t take HMO. A friend recommended Dr. Poff to me. I was surprised he took my HMO insurance. I was very impressed with how gentle and effective his adjustments were. I am now back to feeling great and strong again.

I can now get up at 5 am and do my regular exercise and work all day long without feeling fatigue or pain. Besides being a great doctor, Dr. Poff is also a good person, very personable, down to earth, funny, friendly. I feel he truly cares about helping people feel better and live a healthier life. He takes the time to talk with you and makes sure you feel better both physically and mentally.

For those who are not comfortable with manual adjustments, Dr. Poff also uses a hand tool to adjust. I have both types of adjustments and they both are effective Dr. Poff’s fee is surprising reasonable, given his location, years of experience and service. GO SEE DR. POFF. He and his staff will take great care of you.”


“I have been a patient of Dr. Poff’s since he was an intern in Huntington Beach CA with Dr. Kit Carson. Since then I have traveled many miles, on many occasions to be treated by him, and only him. I have a history of back surgeries due to birth defects and accidents. He was able to help me postpone surgery many times by alleviating my pain. After my back surgery in 1983 I had to convince my Neurosurgeon that I had to be adjusted by Dr. Poff in order to recover, (yeah, that went well!) after seeing the improvement, my surgeon was very impressed and allowed ongoing treatment. In my opinion, based on years of personal experience, Dr. Poff is the very best chiropractor available anywhere; he is honest about your treatment plan and helps you understand your condition and ailments. Treat yourself to the very best, and go see him! I will be seeing him soon at the new facility, at which time I will rate it, but knowing Dr. Poff… It is top notch!”

Joy D.

“I have not been to the new facility yet (so I did not rate its accessibility or facility), but I can tell you that Dr. Poff is definitely the best Chiropractor I have ever encountered in the past 25 years! I have been going to him since I was a teen when he was just starting out in business. I have followed him all over SoCal to be treated – for sports injuries, migraines, car accidents, etc. I have even referred friends with various ailments and injuries, a true compliment to his ability. He will listen and do whatever it takes to try and help find a solution to your issues. He is truly one of those great rare finds in the medical community.”

Veronica D.

“I’ve seen Dr. Poff on several occasions for painful rib that was out of alignment, and he was awesome. He has a wonderful manner with patients and his great sense of humor doesn’t hurt either!”

Terry H

“We trust our backs (and necks) to no one else….My wife and I have been patients of Dr. P’s for several years. Not only is he a phenomenal chiropractor, he is very personable. His great sense of humor and upbeat attitude will adjust your spirit while he adjusts your back.”

Duncan M

“Dr. Poff has been a tremendous help with my neck problems and tendonitis in my hand. The office environment is both calming and energizing – I walk into the office full of stress and tension that cause muscle and joint pain and I walk out feeling relaxed, loose, and energized to finish my day!

I am a professional classical guitar player/instructor and I’ve learned that anyone who works with their hands should see a chiropractor BEFORE they have problems so they can extend their professional life and career.”

Amy H. Huntington Beach

“Not only did Dr. Poff help me though my last trimester of pregnancy, he now works on me, my husband and occasionally our baby daughter. I’ve been to several chiropractors and Dr. Poff has achieved the best results within the shortest time frame. And besides all that he’s health conscious and cares about you holistically.”

Jackie F.

“Dr. Poff,

I came to you by a really good freind who said you could help. I took my friends’ advice and it was a life changing experience. I had NO idea that chiropractic treatment could take away my aches and pains. Thank you so much for making my first visit a pleasant experience. I will tell all my friends and family that chiropractic treatment does really work. Thanks again.”

Jackie A. Long Beach

“Before receiving two neck adjustments from you I had gotten used to the stiffness and pain in my neck. After only two visits my neck is pain-free and I have a much wider range of motion.

Thank you,”

Claudia W.